• श्री श्री 1008
    बाबा शंकर गिरी जी महाराज

Bharat Mata Mandiram – Bhiwani
  • आचार्य महंत माई महाराज
    अध्यक्ष भारत माता सेवा
    चेरिटेबल ट्रस्ट


24,Feb 2018  – 25,Feb 2018

State Festivel “Rajarappa Mahotsav” celebration is a symbol of Confluence, Faith and Exultation. This year, this festival was organized on 24-25 February 2018 in C.C.L. Ground, Rajarappa, Ramgarh.

Honorable Chief Minister Shri Raghuvar Das had inaugurated this event.

Famous artists enchanted the audience with their singing and dance on the auspicious occasion of the festival.

Rajarappa is a very important place from the point of tourism. Here is a magnificent temple of Maa Chinnamastika. According to the belief Maa Chinnamastika had cut her head to calm her anger after killing the demons. In this temple, the statue of Maa Chinnamastika is sitting without head. Thousands of devotees come to pray Maa Chhinmastika every day.