• श्री श्री 1008
    बाबा शंकर गिरी जी महाराज

Bharat Mata Mandiram – Bhiwani
  • आचार्य महंत माई महाराज
    अध्यक्ष भारत माता सेवा
    चेरिटेबल ट्रस्ट



Maa Chinnamastika Temple is one of the Shakti Peet temples of Goddess Devi in Jharkhand. A famous tantric pilgrimage centre, Rajrappa is located in Ramgarh District of Jharkhand and has high pilgrim footfall. The temple is built as per Tantrik Architecture style, on a hillock at the confluence of rivers Bhairavi and Damodar.

The key issues in the precinct include Encroachment of river bed by prasad stalls, Risk of flooding and inundation during monsoon, Lack of organised parking area vehicles, Poor connectivity across the rivers, Solid waste dumping, Cleaning of sacrificed animal in the river, Lack of public amenities & infrastructure facilities.

The concept of the Rajrappa precinct development is to achieve an aesthetic response to the program, while minimizing the ecological footprint of the development. The vision of the development is to uplift Rajrappa Temple precinct as a national level pilgrim destination by providing  infrastructure facilities for the pilgrims at the precinct such as Accommodation facilities, designated Sacrifice and cleaning areas, Bathing areas, Changing Rooms, Prasad Shops, Food courts, Gardens, Parking, Ghat development along the river front, Multi-purpose Hall, Sewage Treatment Plant etc., improving the connectivity across Bhairavi River and conserving the natural heritage in the precinct and surroundings.

The development of the project has been envisioned in two stages and the Detailed Project Reports have been prepared accordingly.

Part 1 comprises of components such as – Entrance Gateways, Bus Terminal, Car Parking, Toilets & Cloak Room, Information Centre, Prasad Stalls and Pedestrian Bridge. The total project cost of Part 1 is estimated as Rs. 21.90 crores. For the implementation of the same, total land area of 11.50 acres is required at Gola.

Part 2 comprises of components such as – Bathing Complex, Dormitories, Food Court, Cooking Stalls, Ritual Mantaps & Hawan Kunds, Art Interpretation Centre, Riverfront Development, Sacrifical Ghat, Eco Park and overall site infrastructure development. . The total project cost of Part 2 is estimated as Rs. 64.50 crores. For the implementation of the same, total land area of 27.30 acres is required at Gola & Chitarpur sides of the precinct.


  • Chhinnamasta Temple dedicated to Goddess Chinnamastais a hindupilgrimage centre and the place attracts devotees from all parts of the state, Bihar, and West Bengal.
  • The diety is one of the Mahavidyas, ten Tantric goddesses and a ferocious aspect of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother.
  • This old temple finds mention in the Vedas, Puranasand Hindu scriptures as a “Shakti Peeth“. Vedic book Durga Saptashati also mentions the temple.
  • Apart from the main temple, there are ten temples of various gods and goddesses such as the Surya (Sun God), Hanuman and Lord Shiva.
  • This location has a special significance, since it is at the union of Bhairavi river coming from top, meeting Damodar river. The Bhera / Bhairavi River joins the Damodar River from a height of 20 feet creating a waterfall.


  • The activities of the pilgrims visiting the temple is the key to the planning of the development and critical for clutter-free development.


  • According to the surveys carried out, majority of the pilgrims arrive by public transport – Bus / Taxi. Pilgrims also take a dip in the river and buy the sacrificial animal at the precinct.




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